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Blocked Drains Cause Flooding


Your blocked drains outside of your home are one of the main reasons that you find your property flooding with water when a storm hits. These drains connect to a system of pipes that connect to the sewer system of all the homes around yours. All the water from your home is going into this sewer line. If your drains become backed up, these pipes are already full of water and it can do little to prevent flooding in and around your home.

Outside Drains are Where Flooding Starts

Leaves, dirt, bugs, and other debris clog your outside drains and cause them to become unable to do their job and carry water away from your home. Once they’ve had too much, they either break or begin overflowing. The water easily finds its way into your home and wreaks havoc on your personal belongings.

Clearing the Drain by Hand

The drain can usually be cleared by hand. All you must do is first clean any debris off the outside of the grate on the drain. Then, pull the grate off the drain and use a small tool such as a small shovel to get out all the debris from the inside. You can use your hand to get any small pieces that the shovel can’t get out. By doing these simple steps you can prevent your drain from overflowing in a storm.


If the clog is farther down in your drain, a hydro-jet can be used to clear out debris in the pipe as well as any sediment. The way it works is by forcing a high-powered stream of water into the pipe to unclog anything that you are unable to get with your hands. Hydro-jets are powerful though and should always be used with caution because they can cause injury.

Prevent Clogging

Keep the outside of your drains clean always to prevent them from becoming clogged. Remember that if a drain is too clogged to fix on your own, you need to call professionals. It is only a matter of time until the drain overflows and begins to flood your home. By taking simple daily steps such as cleaning the outside of your drains, you can prevent yourself from having to deal with a severe flooding problem inside of your home.


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