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Current El Nino Hits Record for Stranded Marine Life

This year Southern California has already seen record numbers of sea lion pups that wash ashore due to El Nino. Many other types of marine life are being affected and washing ashore during these difficult times. When marine life ends up on shore it is often injured or malnourished and looking for food or shelter. Some people are even finding marine life farther from the beach, on porches and lawns.

Sea Lions

Warming temperatures in the water off of the California coast have also led to an increase in the amounts of sea lions that are washing up on beaches. Sea lions are more intelligent than other types of marine life and they will wander away from beaches in search of dry shelter. This is why people are finding them around their homes, on roadways, and other populated areas.

Fur Seals

Fur seals have already been washing ashore in record numbers as of 2015 and this is expected to continue along with El Nino. They are an endangered species and natural events like El Nino threaten their survival. It is important to remember that if you see one of these animals it is most likely unhealthy and afraid of you.

Warming Waters

In addition to El Nino, the warming waters of the Pacific Ocean on the West coast are causing more animals to wash ashore than normal. The condition of warmer water is causing the ecosystem of these animals to change and now they have to look in other areas for food and shelter. Unfortunately, many of these areas are not what they are used to. It is important to keep an eye out for these animals as they can be near death and unable to survive without intervention.

What to do with Stranded Marine Life

1. Do not touch the animal or attempt to give it food or water.
2. Do not push the animal back into the water.
3. Stay a distance of 50 feet away and watch the animal.
4. Be able to explain what the animal looks like, its color, size and health.
5. Figure out the exact location of the animal.
6. If you are in California call: 1-866-767-6114 to report a stranded animal. Otherwise look up the number for your area to report stranded marine life by clicking on this link:


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