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Food Recall due to Mold




There are several health hazards that are caused as a result of the spreading of mold. The worst thing about mold is the fact that it has the ability to spread across areas based on the amount of moisture in the respective area and this is not just dangerous, but it can also go un-noticed in several situations.

If a factory finds out that there has been growth of mold in the surrounding areas, then they immediately take actions against the eradication of mold so as to keep the food products safe from any contamination. A small amount of contamination would mean the destruction of the whole production.



One such scenario took place in October, 2015, when the makers of GoGo applesauce had a small amount of contamination in their productions which caused the loss of a whole lot. The company claimed that the mold was totally safe and it was the kind of mold that grows on fruit. However, the discovery caused the company to recall all the products and that led to a huge amount of loss to the company.

A laboratory detailed inspection revealed that the product has caused no health issues and the only reason the company asked for the products to be returned back to the company is because they know that mold is gross and unpleasant to look and taste, and this is simply not the kind of experience they want their customers to have.

The verdict of the story is to let everyone know that mold has the ability to grow in food products and one should be very careful and vigilant while buying food products from the market. The above mentioned mold might not be dangerous to health, but some other kind might be dangerous and may cause unexpected health problems.
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