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Indoor Air Contaminated by Floodwater


If your home floods the first thing you’re going to be doing is getting all the water out of your home. The thing that you may not think about is how polluted the air is inside of the house. If contaminated materials aren’t removed from the area, then moisture will continue to cause problems.

Standing Water

If water is left alone for any period it can begin to breed bacteria and mold. These pollutants don’t stay confined to the water either. Once they have started to grow in the water they will be released into the air around the water. This can leave individuals with symptoms anywhere from allergic reactions to infectious diseases.

Health Concerns

Microorganisms in the water can become released into the air and cause illness. Also, high humidity and moisture will allow mold to begin to grow and spread. Dust mites may appear in the home as well. The air in the home should be cleansed as soon as possible so that health complications don’t begin to arise in those living in the home.

Removing Water ASAP

The water in your home should be cleared and removed immediately so that bacteria and mold aren’t allowed to form and become airborne. If the water is dirty or the damage is extensive, don’t hesitate to contact professionals like Water Damage Zone. It is unsafe to touch any of the pollution and our professionals have the equipment and training to professionally and quickly remove the water from your home. Time is of the utmost importance in this case, the sooner you remove the water, the less likely you are to encounter health problems.


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