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What is Sewage?


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Soooooooooooo you don’t know what sewage is well, I’ll make it easy for you.

No worries this will only take a few minutes, really I timed it. Sewage simply put is; water that
carries waste. This causes extreme and heavily priced water damage. No beating around the
bush here you will get straight up water damage.

The sewage contains all your filth and unwanted nastiness out of the community. Don’t say you’re not dirty I’m not pointing fingers here we all are ok just you, I was trying to be nice. Hate to get mathematical here but sewage is
actually 99.9% pure water, that’s almost 100% if you didn’t know. Depending on where it
comes from waste water can either be labeled sanitary, industrial or surface run offs.
This “sewage” as society properly calls it causes water damage. Sanitary sewage you may be
wondering ummmmm what is that? well, let me tell you that is all the water from washing food,
doing laundry well you get the idea.

That is a good question. Well, sewage causes  several health problems and water damage. First off sewage causes pathogenic organisms which can transmit diseases to humans and other animals. Therefore it’s not just affecting you but also your cute little furry friends. Look at those eyes just telling you, “this place smells and you want
me to eat my food in a bowl on the floor, I thought we were friends, I mean you did let me
cuddle with you last night.” The sewage contains organic matter which can cause water damage
to your home. Not to mention the hazardous toxicants from that awful smell of sewage. Yup
that’s right folks it smells horrendous. This sewage causes water damage. The amount of water
damage to one’s home due to the sewage causes blockages to the homes pipes. Wait did I
mention it stinks?


First and foremost one of the absolute most important things to do is to not panic because
this is a stressful time so take a deep breath…. Meditate, do some Thai chi whatever you have to
do to relax, in fact I’ll do it with you here we go
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….hhhummmmmmmmmmm, ok let’s get started.

This is part of the KC Minilypse July 2006.

Don’t hit the bottle just yet you have work to do. Alright now we can get started. Don’t get into contact
directly with your skin, wear some goggles, rubber gloves and rubber boots you know common
sense stuff, to clean the sewage and water damage. Then asses the water damage caused by the
smelly sewage. As with any other type of water damage one must remove all furniture, rugs and
anything else that can be removed. Throw away any carpet or rugs that are just saturated with
sewage. Use mild soap and hot water to clean the water damage. Replace the drywall and clean
furniture and appliances with some bleach. When you are done throw away all the material used
to clean and open up all the windows and breathe again because you are done. It wasn’t easy but
we did it together, well mostly just me telling you, but hey I was there in spirit. Ok now you can
celebrate and drink up. Oh and for you nondrinkers maybe drink a juice box.

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